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    We live in a youth obsessed culture that is constantly trying to tell us that if we’re not young and glowing and hot, we don’t matter. But I refuse to buy into such a distorted view of reality and beauty. I would never lie about, feel ashamed of, or deny my age. If I did, I would be contributing to a sickness that is pervading our society. A sickness of wanting to be what you’re not. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have goals of living life to the fullest or choosing the end result of living a radianlty healthy lifestyle, or even wanting to feel ageless within yourself. Ultimately these thoughts and feelings, if you give power to them, will keep you young at heart and with more energy for pursuing the kind of life you want, you won’t have to focus on what you think you lack.  You’re worth is not measured by your appearance, we do this to ourselves by buying into this propaganda style marketing of Beauty. You’re worth is within you and you should not feel ashamed of it based on the age of your face.

    Many of the face massage ideas that are swamping social media channels at the moment, are by young, line free and flawless pretty young women, who are asking you to perform daily routines to help thin lips be larger, double chins disappear, drooping jowls magically lift, furrowed brows smoothen, lined eyes soften, and all these other facial features that are some how being deemed not worthy of being seen, or that we should “fix” them. That these less than perfect signs of ageing need to be changed or that they somehow contribute to our downfalls or unhappy lives. Making us feel worse about ourselves. Please ignore this. Unfollow anyone on social media who makes you feel that your individuality and uniqueness isn’t “enough”. You don’t have to be the cookie cutter beauty queen, that subcribes to the latest and greatest beauty trends and fashion styles. All you need to be is Yourself!

    Now there is some merit to these daily face exercises, and yes, they can make a difference if performed daily. The benefits to health and wellbeing are definitely proven. However, I will never tell you to massage your face for any reason other than for the loving selfcare act of putting your own hands on yourself and connecting with mindful intention. Nor will I tell you to do it because your face isn’t enough as it is. What I will tell you is that daily ritual connects you with moments of stillness and that in these moments you connect with the real you. The more authentic self.

    When you allow your hands and breath to be your focus, it is a portal into being able to silence the mind, the constant chatter; and in those quiet moments your own essence emerges. Not to mention that daily face massage relaxes you, relieves facial muscle tension, improves circulation, cleanses the lymphatic system in these areas which reduces toxic build up that contributes to puffiness, helps sinus blockages, stimulates the large intestine and helps liver function, as well as your nervous system, it can even improve your gut health. All of this just from a daily face massage.

    Your face is a map of your body and as the skin is the largest organ of your body, this technique can contribute to your overall health and well-being in ways that you have to practice to believe. Unless of course you already know.

    Chinese medicine practitioners know the very intricate relationship between face and gut, and more so how the face can show signs of damp, heat and cold in the organs; they can often see where the balance may be out. Holistic skin specialists, and some specially trained naturopaths also understand this face map and will often be able to diagnose some internal dis-ease just by looking at your face. Your connection with yourself and understanding your face can also help you to heal what’s out of balance and this hands-on approach is a relationship with yourself that is worth exploring. It can open parts of you that may have previously been avoided and once you discover this intimate and quiet practice, you’ll want to go there every day.

    What I know for sure after spending 33 years working as a makeup artist, is that your face should be valued, honoured and cherished, just the way it is, no matter it’s nature. When we embrace our face, we can reject social stereotypes of perfection, beauty, what we should or should not look like, age definitions, imperfections and stigmas. We have the power within us to truly love and accept our faces and this daily ritual can help you on your path to getting there.

    Watch the face massage video I have uploaded to the website for more information on how best to practice this daily ritual.

    All of my massage practices are used in conjunction with the KIND Rejuvenate or Restore Face Oils, as they have been specifically formulated to stimulate your senses and elevate your mood, improve relaxation ability, respiratory issues, sleep problems, and overall feelings of well-being.

    KINDness to you always

    Tracy Bradley. Founder of KIND by The Makeup Room.

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