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    KIND believe in the Power of Natural Ingredients, and for many centuries they have been incorporated into beauty and health care regimes across the planet, sometimes without you even knowing. Here is a list of every oil that we use in our Face and Body range along with the information you will find extremely helpful.

    This face massage technique comes with a very important message about who we are, how we can connect more deeply with our true nature and how to incorporate daily ritual into your life. We live in a youth obsessed culture that is constantly telling us that if we're not young and hot, we don't matter.This massage techniques video will only tell you to massage your face for health, well-being and putting loving selfcare high on your priority list. When you allow your hands and breath to be your focus, it is a portal into being able to silence the mind and connect with your true self. Daily face massage improves circulation, cleanses the lymphatic system and more

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