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    To bring you an honest, clean and natural beauty product range that is Kind to your skin, Kind to your soul and Kind to the planet. It’s kindness that makes the world go round.

    Kind to your Skin:  We use 100% natural oils that are sourced from many parts of the world, as some countries have the appropriate climates for certain species. We source from over 10 countries and know the distilling process of each of them. Almost half of the oils we use are grown here in Australia; for example, our Olive Oil is organically  grown in the Grampian ranges of Victoria.  Our oils are gentle enough to be used every day and cover a wide range of skin health issues. From inflammation, dryness, ageing, circulation, cell renewal and protection.  Anyone can use them. No matter what your age or lifestyle, we encourage a skin care routine even if you’ve never tried one before.

    Kind to your Soul: We are passionate about living mindfully and believe that therein lies the key to unlocking your greatest treasures. The essential oils are chosen specifically to benefit your senses which in turn create feelings of wellbeing, restore calm and promote self-reverence. When we take the time to do things with intention, we open our awareness to not only ourselves but to others. Quiet, reflective, and mindful self-massage can become a complete meditation, and in time the regular use of both face and body oils in this way, help connect you within and to everything you do.  Promoting self-love is what we believe will set us free and Kind oils help make this a whole being experience.

    Kind to the planet: Our packaging has been carefully thought about. By using glass recyclable bottles, biodegradable bamboo, and less than 10% plastic in our pumps that can be re-used, we are minimising the impact on landfill and soil.  You can even purchase our refill bottles that come with an aluminium lid. We understand that plastic has its conveniences, but we are so mindful of ridding the world of unnecessary plastic, that we use glass and bamboo wherever possible. Our labels and information cards are biodegradable, and you will notice over time that they may deteriorate from the oil – but we are sure this will not stop you from seeing the complete benefits. Even the ink used to do all our printing is non-toxic. When glass bottles go through the washing process in recycling, the labels will deteriorate naturally. If you end up throwing out your bamboo hairbrush after 30 years or so, rest assured it will break down in landfill and return to the earth from whence it came. Please dispose of any Kind packaging thoughtfully.

    When purchasing any of our products through the online store, we are mindful of keeping your products hygienic and safe in transport, but we don’t use unnecessary packaging.

    All packaging is easily disposable by recycling.



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