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    An extensive and informative 3 minute video to demonstrate the use of KIND Better Than Beard Oil and it's 3 in 1 uses. This incredible product is 100% natural, using only the purest of oils, to not only care for your beard, but also treat the skin and restore the senses. This video shows you exactly how to use this product and how Men can and should also treat themselves to a mindful face massage and also take care of their skin. It's not only important for Men to take care of themselves, but finding the space for silence, mindfulness and clarity within calm, is a great step towards dealing with stress and anxiety. This is a unique product and founded on the concept of mindful ritual and facial equality. KIND is more than a skincare routine, It is a selfcare ritual. KIND to the skin. KIND to the soul. KIND to the planet.

    This simple daily face massage technique is a perfect way to start your day. Kind face oils are more than daily skin protection, they are nourishing, deeply moisturising, power packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, and the essential oils have been chosen with your whole self in mind. Our ingredients are 100% natural and our face and body oil products are Australian made. The benefits of this product reach far beyond your skin. Kind Oils are more than a skincare routine

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