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    The face has always captivated me. How it communicates, how it reveals the person, or how it hides them. I have witnessed years and years of self-criticism directed at the face. The self-loathing due to features not being perfect, but what is this perfection?

    It is my vision to help people to see beyond their physical form and reach into their inner selves, the part of the self that is real.  Beauty resides within, in the stillness of our consciousness.

    In the course of my work, as a freelance Hair and Makeup Artist,  I have met many thousands of people from different parts of the world. Many of whom have shared their stories with me.

    During my life I have had my own challenges along the way, and I know that kindness and compassion can make a difference to those going through difficult times.

    I have had the opportunity to observe people, their faces and how they feel about them. I have observed those who feel happiness and contentment, but I have also observed those who have felt disconnected with self. Some would say that my job is glamorous, and yes, there are moments that have felt that way, it has certainly been educational, uplifting, and inspiring.  What it has helped me realise though, is how humans connect to their physical state and in many ways, to their faces. What worth we place on ourselves due to our looks, what definitions we use, and how we navigate our way in the world that is so consumed with physical beauty. The face is the most persuasive part of our being at first glance. The late English playwright & poet Christopher Marlowe said “A face can launch a thousand ships”,  It is both beguiling and enchanting.

    There is so much to say on the subject of the face. My intention is to commit myself to raising awareness in others, and even though faces may all be quite different, underneath them we are all the same. My aim is to create in the hearts and minds of others, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude for their faces; educating them about all the different ways we can honour our faces. At the same time educating people about how they themselves can stop their own self ridicule and find beauty within the true self, and not attach it to physical form or ego. My hope is that children grow in a world, where faces will all be accepted.



    with KINDness,

    Founder of Kind by TMR

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