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    Beard Exfoliating Brush


    Yes, it looks like a toothbrush. Beards tend to harbour a lot of dry skin cells underneath them and the head of this brush was chosen with that in mind. Simply place between the whiskers and brush downwards against the skin, to exfoliate away all that beard dandruff. Beard oil will help to lift the dead skin cells away from the skin that can be washed out under running water. And yes, it can be bought as a toothbrush as well. Comes complimentary with any bottle of Better Than Beard Oil.

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    Our hair and beard tools are sourced and manufactured from sustainable bamboo and outlast and outperform traditional plastic made tools.


    Use before a shower with the Kind Better Than Beard Oil, to scuff away dead skin cells under your beard. Place oil dropper into beard to release drops against skin. Use fingers to massage in well. With brush, move up and down between whiskers against your skin.

    Recommended once a week. 

    Regular exfoliation under your beard removes dead skin cells that contribute to bacteria and odour.



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